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Building the future & enjoying every moment


The things I enjoy in life all involve some form of progression. I’m outright addicted to bettering things. Wherever I am, I’m likely working on something, optimizing it, or training to reach the next level. 

Growing Businesses at
Fire Media Group

Over 10 years of my obsessive curiosity and passion has been poured into creating Fire Media Group, a highly-trusted and fast-growing SEO agency offering the ultimate combination of executive-level consultation and entrepreneurial-style execution.

My awesome clients and team make it easy for me to spend most of my time doing one of my favourite things in the entire world–growing businesses.

Creating extraordinary memories together

want to go far? go together

Along the way I’ve found likeminded individuals, many who are now my good friends and we have a blast growing together. 

Getting outdoors, sharing laughs and delving into our favourite experiences never gets old. I’m always looking to maximize the good times, live life to the fullest and have fun until there is no more to have. 

Nice to Meet You 👋

Let’s grab a coffee, talk on the phone, or chat while we ride. Whatever the adventure I’m sure I’ll enjoy our conversation. Send me a message and we’ll get something on the books.

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